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Celebration of the harvest festival in Salzburger Land
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Harvest Festival in Salzburg

The Hotel Alpendorf in the heart of the Salzburg region is surrounded by 11 Harvest Festival locations and is therefore the ideal starting point for many festivals and events celebrating the Salzburg Harvest Festival
Celebrations at the Salzburg Harvest Festival
When the farmers of Salzburg bring in the harvest and make the fresh products into smoked meats, marinated herb cheese or fruity “Obstler” spirits, a special time has begun in the Salzburger Land region.

During the Harvest Festival our guests and locals alike look forward to the Salzburg specialities - and what else can one do but celebrate?  With over 2000 events celebrating this tradition and farming handicrafts, the whole of the Salzburger Land region is involved in the Harvest Festival from the end of August to the end of October.

The festivities during the Salzburg Harvest Festival are primarily to give thanks.  With traditional farm festivals, the farmers thank the active workers who helped bring in the harvest or the hay.  The numerous Harvest Festivals, church days and processions are a regular aspect of church custom.
Bringing down of the animals from the high pastures, farmers' markets, etc
  • Over 2000 events celebrating this tradition and farming handicrafts
  • Insights into real living traditions of the rural culture in our region
  • Tasting of traditional delicacies such as freshly baked 'Krapfen' doughnuts, various homemade cheeses and much more
  • Best hiking time of the year with pleasant temperatures
  • "Jause" snack in the afternoon
The flavour of Salzburg
When celebrating the Harvest Festival and also on a visit to a farm or to a mountain pasture hut, a typically "Salzburg selection of food is offered".
Specialities of the particular regions are served: strong smoked meats, various homemade cheeses, Knödel dumplings, freshly baked 'Krapfen' doughnuts and much more.  A Harvest Festival beer tastes best along with it! It will make your mouth water!
Harvest Festival in Salzburg
Holidays all year round
July/ August
October / November
Christmas / New Year
March - End of Season
  • Holiday time for bon vivants
  • Ideal temperatures for athletes
  • Best time in the golf season to start
  • "Spring fever" romantic time for lovers
  • Fun negotiating winding roads for bikers and pleasure cyclists
  • The open sights and mountain pasture huts are not yet overcrowded
Preferred holiday time for:
  • The hiking season has started!
  • The roses are in bloom in the mountain pastures and the meadows are full of colourful flowers
  • All mountain pasture huts, lifts and sights are open and not yet overcrowded
  • Ideal temperatures for all athletes
  • Relaxing holidays outside the main holiday season
Preferred holiday time for:
  • Finally, the holidays have arrived! Holiday time for the family!
  • Family gatherings - holiday with Grandma and Grandpa
  • Shared family experiences among nature - parents have enough time for their children
  • Great weekly programme
  • The bathing season has started!
Preferred holiday time for:
  • Ideal temperatures for all athletes
  • Peak season for hikers and climbers
  • Optimal conditions for the golf course
  • Harvest Festival time with many events and Harvest Festival celebrations
  • Traditional bringing down of animals from the high pastures
Preferred holiday time for:
  • Fantastic views to the mountains
  • Holidaying in the "Golden Autumn"
  • Single and girlfriend weeks
  • Wellness weeks for bon vivants
  • Gourmet weeks
  • Theme weeks for vegans
Preferred holiday time for:
Advent feel in Alpendorf
  • Lots of space on the pistes and no waiting time at the lifts
  • Guaranteed snow for pre-season
  • Comfortable & stress-free holidays
  • Optimum travel time for 60+
  • Christmas atmosphere
  • Visit Christmas markets
Preferred holiday time for:
  • Finally, the holidays have arrived! Holiday time for the family!
  • Family gatherings - holiday with Grandma and Grandpa
  • Great weekly programme - also away from the slopes
  • Atmospheric Christmas time
  • Exquisite New Year's Eve dinner and programme
Preferred holiday time for:
  • Holiday time for thoroughbred skiers
  • Great après-ski and pulsating nightlife
  • Ideal for holidaymakers who can also travel outside the holiday season
  • More room on the pistes
  • Relaxing in the wellness area with indoor pool
Preferred holiday time for:
  • Super snow conditions
  • Wonderful winter landscapes
  • International flair on the slopes - holidays in many European countries
  • Linguistically competent ski schools
Preferred holiday time for:
  • Sunshine skiing in pleasant temperatures
  • Mornings on perfect pistes
  • Enjoying the afternoon sun
  • The days are getting longer - the sun shines until 1800
  • High season on the sun terrace
  • Super Ski amadé packages
Preferred holiday time for:
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