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Hiking tour to the Pronebenalm in Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Pronebenalm in Mühlbach - 1,280 m

Romantic hiking at the foot of the Hochkönig massif

The pasture lies at 1,280 m and has an amazing view to the mountain village of Mühlbach and the imposing Hochkönig massif - a treat! For younger guests there is a playground and many animals (alpine pig Leni, goats, donkeys ...) that will keep them occupied for a little while.

Experience the alpine speciality of Mühlbacher herbal salts! Ingredients: natural rock salt, dried garden & wild herbs (lovage, oregano, tarragon, leek, sage, celery, dandelion, ribwort plantain, ground elder, nettles and flowers of calendula, cornflower and rose in varying quantities). Various garden and wild herbs with natural rock salt lend a fine flavour to spreads, salads and vegetable dishes.


  • "Path of good thoughts" at the Pronebenalm  of Mühlbach
  • Alpine specialities such as Mühlbacher herbal salts
  • Ascent for approx. 1 hour (from Mühlbach accessible from the Passebauer farm or from St. Johann via the Rettenebenalm)