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Hiking tour in the Ellmautal in Großarltal, valley of the mountain pasture huts

Filzmoosalm (1,710 m) - Loosbühelalm (1,769 m) - Weissalm (1,724 m) in the Großarltal valley

Hiking in the Ellmautal valley, the largest of the many side valleys in the Grossarltal valley

At the end of the Ellmautal valley, at the large "Grund" car park, a trail rises steadily to the Filzmoosalm, which can be reached in approx. 1 hour. About 100 head of cattle graze here. They belong to Schauerbauer - the home of Sylvia Unterkofler.

Then the trail continues on to the Loosbühelalm. For lovers of goat's milk and cheese, the Loosbühelalm is a special insider tip. It is located further back in the Ellmautal valley and can be reached in approx. 75 minutes from "Grund" via a relaxing mountain pasture trail. The Loosbühelalm offers exclusively homemade products such as Schnapps, bacon, sausage, various cheeses and bread.

After a heart "Jause" snack, the trail continues to the Weissalm. The centuries-old Weissalm was carefully renovated from 1998-2001 and is a popular hiking destination in any weather. Sour cheese is still made over the original open fireplace, as has been the case for generations, and sausage, bacon, Bündner meat, bread and various types of Schnapps and so on are homemade on the farm/mountain pasture. The Weissalm is well known in particular for its wonderful view. The mountain pasture is most easily reached via the ascent from "Grund".

Filzmoosalm - Loosbühelalm - Weißalm

  • Hiking between huts in the Ellmautal valley, a side valley of the Grossarltal valley
  • Ascent to the Filzmoosalm approx. 1 hour
  • Additional hike to the Loosbühelalm takes approx. 75 minutes.
  • Homemade products at the Loosbühelalm
  • Additional hike to the Weissalm, where today sour cheese is still made over the open fireplace